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My answer every time is simple. Just stop doing it. In a sense, break up. It is the only way. Just do it brother.

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Do you want her respect or her acceptance? Do what it takes. If that means switching community groups do it. If it means taking her number out of phone or de-freinding her on FB, do it. If it means not talking to her at all, do it. Do it and do it now. Picture from Coloring From Grown Ups. Legitimate friendship is fine. Addressing friends from the standpoint of dating is much different than addressing them from the standpoint of people who have chosen celibacy. Yes, legitimate friendship is fine which is different from the friend zone.

But who else knows what my intentions are? No one wants to be manipulated, which I think is the point of your post. You just hit it out of the park here Justin! At one time with this, I would have disagreed with you but now, I get it. One from my college days when Bush I. The fact is that as a Christian guy; and if you are looking to get married, you are going to have very, very few female friends. It does happen though. The one girl from my college years I mentioned, I was the one who set her up with her future husband……funny story for another time though……. This is as silly as the fiction we men criticize.

There is nothing wrong with friendship. Christ expects those of us who indeed claim him to be breaking bread with fellow believers, men and women. Be polite, general decorum and let it go. This revealed that Jared was interested, but Jessica was not. This means they together respond to the situation by determining how their relationship will proceed. Again, this takes a lot of communication. It also takes wisdom to look at the possibilities and decide which one will be chosen.

But sometimes it will be an option of the friend with less interest still has some desire to see if deeper romantic feelings will grow. Maybe the friend who feels romantic interest only has a casual level of interest. I once experienced this with a friend of mine. We had casual interest in each other and went on a date.

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If anything, I would actually say it helped build our friendship. I recall a young woman that I liked quite a bit. I accepted and respected her answer, and we went on as friends. Being with her but not going beyond friendship caused me some emotional difficulty that tripped me up in significant ways. In light of that difficulty, I was ultimately willing to accept a distancing in our friendship. So what should happen when the interested person has a high level of emotional attraction? My rule of thumb is this: In other words, since the interested person has the burden of bearing the greater emotional challenge, he or she should get to decide how close they remain as friends.

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A long-term friend of mine once confided that she was interested in me. I also told her that I knew it can be hard being in her place, and I wanted her to be able to choose how close we would remain as friends. She chose for us to continue as friends. But sacrificing your desire for a friendship with the other person for the sake of supporting him or her is one way to show genuine love.

Now, if the person with interest decides to remain friends, it means something very significant. It means that person has chosen to accept the emotional risk of remaining friends. Remember that it can be painful to be near someone you like but not have him or her. If you choose to maintain a close friendship with someone who has rejected your interest, then you alone are responsible for dealing with the emotional realities of it.

You have to accept the risk of continuing to desire a relationship that will never happen. You have to accept the pain that may come from watching the other person get romantically involved with someone else.

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  5. Sometimes emotions are too strong to be near a person but not have him or her. It might mean you spend less time with each other. Or maybe it means you spend less time together for a season. If you know that you need distance in the friendship, honestly and clearly communicate that to your friend. Explain why you feel distance is what you need in light of your feelings.

    Describe what level of contact you want to have going forward. Let your friend clearly understand what you desire in adding distance to the friendship and how he or she can best support you. Adding distance, even if only for a season, can be a way to move on in a healthy manner. One last thought before we go back to Jared and Jessica. When two friends are navigating the Friend Zone, I say the more decisive they can be the better.

    I once listened as a friend shared about how he expressed his interest to a young woman he knew. While her answer was honest, it left him in a difficult position because it was very indecisive. She gave him very little definite information to respond to. Should he wait for her? Should he move on?

    How a Woman Gets Friend Zoned + How To Get Out

    Should he move on for now but ask her again if he was still interested in a year or two? There are many varying circumstances in life that make it hard to always know exactly where you stand or which path is best moving forward. But maybe that young woman could have been more decisive in her response. Maybe she could have told him to ask again one year from now. Maybe she could have assured him that her interest was definite.

    Navigating The Friend Zone - That Crazy Christian Romance

    Or maybe she could have recommended that he date other people. Again, the ability to be decisive can vary case by case. But the more decisive you can be in knowing your own feelings and what they mean for the other person, the more you can help him or her navigate the path forward.

    So what does all this mean for Jared and Jessica? How should they navigate their present situation?

    Navigating The Friend Zone

    We know Jared has strong feelings for Jessica and wants a romantic relationship. Or might it be because she dislikes dating as a social structure and would be open to pursuing a romantic relationship in another form? And since you're of age and you're ready to settle down, you start considering that maybe she's the one for you. But then when you ask her out, she turns you down because she really just wants to be your friend. This situation is called "friend zone"—when a friendship exists between two people, one of whom has an unreciprocated romantic or sexual interest in the other.

    The friend zone is like a dating purgatory that puts you in a limbo of confusion and doubt. It may sound like a joke, but many Christian men and even women have had serious questions about how to respond when faced with this situation. What is the Christian response to getting friend zoned? Here are four tips for the friend-zoned Christian dating hopeful.

    We live in a world that promises so many instant things — instant gratification, instant relationships, instant marriages, instant noodles, and so on. But the best things in life will often come with a season of waiting. Have you ever asked whether the friend zone is just a phase that Christian dating hopefuls need to go through?

    Thoughts on Christ Centered Singleness and the Church

    Friendship in fact is a safe place for Christian men and women to get to know each other better. If you're really serious about someone, you will be willing to wait. If you really do come into a season of waiting, we only really have two options—stick through it or give up.